Our Joins

Our joins are our trademark signature. Small and neat and always extremely comfortable. We use a soft flexible rubber that moves with the hair over time this join becomes more flexible so avoids any damage. We would always prefer our join to give way rather break you hair. Hard tough joins will break your hair as there is No give!! When removed there is no mark on your hair so is free to grow time after time. If you want people to know you have extensions you'll have to tell them.

About Us

We started hair extensions in Hertfordshire over 20 years ago, and then because so many of our clients were traveling from London we decided to open our 2nd salon in London Kensington now over 15 years later we are catering to ladies all over the world. We are often called out to many locations worldwide, we have catered for red carpet events ranging from the the film sets to the Oscars! Our extensions have travelled to the jungle "get me out of here" to the Iraq desert, from soaps to the block busters and of course the O2 on many occasions... so rest assured your in very safe.

Who Is Suitable?

Anyone who feels they want fuller, thicker or longer hair.